Technical Services

Our technical services include Design, Build and Operate capabilities – or any combination of these individual components – as well as the ability to support customers with a project’s associated costs.

Whatever your specific requirement, we have the knowledge and resources to answer your brief with a tailored response, from installing a simple pipeline right through to designing, building and operating an entire water supply or waste treatment solution.

To help you achieve the most effective and efficient management of your water and waste water systems, we start by understanding in detail exactly how you use water and how you produce waste water. Better still, we know that one size never fits all, and so our audits are carefully tailored to your business and its needs.

From a straightforward fittings count and analysis of domestic water use right through to process efficiency improvements and contingency planning, we help you understand how you can improve the ways you consume water and manage waste water discharges. Ultimately, we give you the data and expertise to control and reduce costs, achieve and maintain accreditations, determine future investment and minimise risks to your business.

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